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Download Your Copy Of Our Citadel Mortgages The Lending Hub Guide That Outlines The Required Documents For Each Deal Including Commercial & Construction!

Understanding how to package the deal to use will save time and ensure your file is approved the first time submitted !


  • We Can Fund Hard To Place Private 1st & 2nd Mortgages
  • We Can Fund Your A & B Deals
  • 4 Hour Turn Around Time
  • Your Clients Stay Your Clients
  • Have Access To Lenders & Rates That Your Brokerage May Not Be Signed Up With!
  • Real-Time Updates With Our Deal Board CRM Access
  • Do Not Say No To Your Client, Say Yes & Allow The Citadel Lending Hub Help You Close More Deals This Year!


Submit Your A, B, or Private Deal Today!

Let us handing your underwriting and compliance while you focus on building and farming your funnel!

Secure | 4 Hour Turn Around Time | Get Your Deal Approved Today

How much can you get?


Please use our online submission form once your file been submitted one of our underwriters will contact you and advise you on the process and set up your deal board.

Yes, you must Co-broker the file in DH so we can work on it, our underwriter will walk you through the process.

  1. For all Private and B deals with a broker fee, you will be paid your part of broker fee on the deal.

    For all A & B deals paid from the lender, all commissions will be paid to your brokerage for your brokerage to pay you.

    We pay out 90% of the commissions, not 50/50! The more volume you do with, the better the payout ask us more about our program!


  1. All deals are split at a 90/10 comp status on finders fee, volume bonus and broker fees. Depending on your volume with us we have other payouts contact us for more details!



  1. Our experience, service, and access to lenders and funds are all reasons why you should use The Citadel Lending Hub, but we encourage you to try it yourself, we know once you see our process and ability you will keep using our service. Remember our goal is to help you close more deals so you can focus on farming and building your funnels.



What Documents Are Needed

  • Full APS & MLS
  • Income Documents
  • Consent Forms
  • IDS
  • Detailed notes on what the clients’ needs are.
  • Current most recent mortgage statements
  • Current most recent property taxes
  • Income Documents
  • Mortgage Application
  • Consent Forms
  • IDS

Please note more documents may be asked for, please provide detailed notes when submitting files to us to ensure we can process effectively for you.

The Citadel Lending Hub was created with one goal in mind… That goal is to help fellow mortgage agents and mortgages brokers close more deals and build a more significant pipeline for themselves. We understand that in today’s mortgage landscape that deals have become harder to place. The Citadel Lending Hub has amazing underwriters with years of experience in handling everything from your typical easy box deal to the most challenging and complex transactions!

We offer four types of deal submissions:

  • A & B Deals
  • Private Deal
  • Commercial/Construction Financing
  • USA Purchasing Mortgages
  1.  Lender Knowledge – We understand how and where to place your deals, by us knowing this, we increase your turn around times with your clients, which means more happy clients and referrals.
  2. Outsource Your Paperwork! – The most time-consuming part is submitting your files and compliance! By using The Citadel Lending Hub, you outsource all your paperwork and compliance and allow yourself to focus on your clients and building and farming your funnel!
  3. Your Clients Stay Your Clients! – We do not take any of your clients, they remain with you, and you service them we are only here to help you close your files in a timely matter to increase your conversions!
  4. You Get Access To Your Own Deal Board To Track Your Deals In Real Time! – We supply you your deal board so you can see the process from start to finish and you will receive milestones along the way through text and email!
  5. In-Home Signing!  – We have a partnership that offers in-home signing for your clients. If your clients do not want to go to a lawyer to sign, we can have our partnership mobile law firms that come to them! We offer this service to all our partner mortgage agents that use our service.
  6.  Take advantage of our Volume bonus levels and access to lenders that your brokerage may not be signed up with!
  7.  Take advantage of our bread and butter Private Mortgage Expertise – We know how to place 1st, and 2nd mortgages across Ontario doesn’t matter the size of the mortgage.

Using The Citadel Lending Hub is, lighting fast and convenient. Submit your deal today and see the difference for yourself!

The Private Lending Hub By Citadel Mortgages:

With the way the market is currently we have seen an influx of deals Turing to private in order to fund, the problem is these deals are usually more complex and unless you spend a lot of time working them can become difficult. The Citadel Lending Hub created the separate Private Lending Hub that has its own set of underwriters that only handle private 1st & 2nd mortgages. Our underwriters do not process any other type of transactions and because they specialize in this area can usually get you the commitment for your clients with 1-2 hours.

What kind of private deals can The Citadel Private Lending Hub do?
  • Large first mortgages up-to 2-4 million
  • Large Second Mortgages up-to 80% LTV
  • Up to 85% LTV Across Ontario
  • Up to 90% LTV in GTA and certain locations across Ontario
  • Construction and Commercial Mortgages

We have in house funds and partner lenders that work with us to help you close your files quickly with fair and honest pricing for your clients. See the difference for yourself and contact us today for your next private deal!

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