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About Us At Citadel Mortgages

Citadel Mortgages is one of the largest full-service Mortgage Brokerages with professional Mortgage Agents & Mortgage Brokers servicing GTA, Toronto, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, PEI, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia, Canada. We are changing the way mortgages are being done by providing our clients with sound advice while empowering Canadians on their mortgage journey to create generational wealth while providing products to help our clients become mortgage-free sooner or with some of the lowest mortgage rates in Canada. Our mortgage financing solutions include: 

  • Residential- Purchase, Refinance, Transfer Mortgages
  • Commercial-Purchase, Refinance Mortgages
  • Private-Purchase, Refinance Mortgages
  • Equity Lending 
  • Second Mortgages 
  • Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) 
  • Private Mortgages 

Citadel Mortgages also offers today’s lowest mortgage rates, as seen on popular sites like rate spy and WOWA and preferred mortgage terms from top banks and mortgage lenders for good, bad, and no credit borrowers. Some of our lenders include: 

  • TD Bank 
  • Scotiabank 
  • Manulife 
  • RFA 
  • XMC Mortgage Corporation 
  • Home Trust 
  • Equitable, and many more.

Citadel Mortgages has built their trust with clients by paying attention to the details and, in the case of credit, challenged customers thinking one transaction ahead so that the client is well-positioned for the future. As a result, we think outside the box of taking the client through a refinance transaction and focus on the bigger picture.  

Citadel Mortgages’ whole client-first model was built around what is Called “Your Mortgage Journey.” See each client mortgage is a journey and Citadel Mortgages ensures this journey is mapped out with all steps and actions along the way. Citadel Mortgages clients love this client-first model as it allows them to quickly fix any issues that may prevent them from achieving their mortgage goals.

FACT:  70% of Canadians break their mortgage 3.67 into their 5-year term. Citadel Mortgages’ goal is to help educate you on mortgage facts and find the best mortgage solution and rate for your mortgage needs. So ask yourself what good is a fantastic rate if you’re breaking early and getting hit with a significant break fee?

With our “Beat Your Rate Program,” you can be assured that your mortgage needs will be taken care of with the best possible rate, and with our All, In One Mortgage Program, you can be assured we will put more money in your pocket while becoming mortgage-free sooner. 

So, if you have any home financing need regardless of credit or transaction type our experience, client-first focus, and our great lender connections, you can be ensured that your mortgage needs will be taken care of with the best possible rate, terms, and service that will keep having you come back to us for all your future mortgage needs.

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Often during your mortgage journey, you will run into bank specialists and other mortgage agents or brokers that will tell you what you want to hear, so you give them the documents required to get your approval. While we understand you as a client want to hear you will get the lowest rate, please be aware that unless any mortgage broker or bank specialist has been given all the required documents and has fully underwritten your file, any rates offered are just quotes and not firm approval. Many times we find clients have been told what they want to hear because either the client has forced the mortgage broker or bank specialist to say to them the lowest rate, or they have just been told that to try and make the deal more effortless, but only to get to closing day to have the lender pull out of the deal!

Imagine you are at the lawyers to find out your deal was not approved because of something they found in your file; this happens often. This is why we ask for all the required documents upfront at Citadel Mortgages to ensure things like this do not happen at closing. We understand not all clients want to follow our award-winning process, which is OK with us; it just means we can not work together.

As an award-winning national brokerage across Canada, we have been featured in the National Post, Financial Post, Toronto Sun, Ottawa Citizen, CMP Mortgage and many more. So, what type of experience do you wish to have? One where you hear what you want only to have issues maybe later or the latter where we are honest and only provide you with the correct information once your apporved? 

We ask you to trust our award-winning process and allow us to collect all the documents so we can help you in your mortgage journey!

Don’t believe us read our client reviews and read our national articles as we offer the best service and mortgage rates for your mortgage journey!

What Mortgage Rate Is Best For Me

Ideal if you want protection against interest rate increases or have a fixed payment over the term of your mortgage.



( UP TO 80% LTV)

Ideal if you want to save money if interest rates go down.



Combine a mortgage with a home equity line of credit to pay your mortgage off faster, while having a readvacable line of credit to use in the future!



Receive up to 1,000 Air Miles Reward Miles

Receive up to $2,500 cash back

*Some conditions apply, mortgage must close.


Citadel Mortgages Rewards Card


Welcome to the family, a gift from our family to yours. The Citadel World Elite Rewards Card is an exclusive member-only rewards program unlike anything ever seen in the mortgage industry.

Citadel Career Transition - Citadel Mortgages


HELPING BORROWERS GET BACK ON TRACK Sometimes job loss can happen without warning. The Citadel Mortgages Career Transition Program is here to support you through this difficult time.

Social Awarenece - Citadel Mortgages

The Citadel Mortgage Social Awareness Program

Citadel Mortgages believes in supporting our community and the people that need our support. That is why once your mortgage closes, we will make a donation to a charity or foundation on your behalf of your choice and plant a tree that you name!

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Citadel Mortgages Awards Banner 2022

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Our clients always come first. Our goal is to help you get the best advice and mortgage solutions for your needs. Citadel Mortgages was formed to help you achieve your financial home success, so allow us to help you today. Please speak to one of our mortgage agents today!

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