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Working with Citadel Mortgages just got more interesting.

When you refer a client to Citadel Mortgages, you gain more than a loyal and satisfied client. You gain a partner who can help you grow and build your business. If you’re a real estate professional, builder site agent, accountant, or any other professional or other Citadel Mortgage approved referral source.

With the Citadel Mortgages  Referral Awards program, you’ll have access to our rewards points program and our Air Miles Reward Miles Program.  

You will earn for every eligible referral. 

1. Contact Us

Complete the online contact form so we can connect with you.

2. Refer

Once you have your unique landing page, start to refer customers to our Citadel Mortgage Agent team.

3. Rewards

Once the mortgage closes, we will reward your points card for the referral business.

Start enjoying the benefits of teaming up with Citadel Mortgages and sign up today!

Let's help even more Canadians with their mortgage financing needs.

Start Earning Today

Citadel Mortgages - AIR MILES REWARD MILES - Citadel Mortgages Referral Program


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Citadel Mortgages Awards Banner 2022
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