Citadel Mortgages wants to ensure anyone looking to do the mortgage licensing course in Ontario has an opportunity to do so. If you are looking to complete the Ontario Mortgage Agent Course, please use the following link to do so, as it will take you to REMIC, one of the course providers for students!

become a mortgage agent with us.

Becoming a mortgage agent with us with is like becoming a family with us. From day one, we are here to ensure your success, see we are 100% invested in you as your success, and our success is tied together. It does not matter if you’re a new mortgage agent or an existing mortgage agent or mortgage broker already in the field as anyone that joins our team gets the following:

Citadel Mortgages 30
  • Mentor Training Hands-On
  • The Citadel Advantage Training Program On All elements (Business, Marketing, Branding, Networking, Business Set-Up)
  • Leading Edge Tools ( CRM, Email Campaigns, Client Loyalty Program, Personal Mobile App, Personal Website, Marketing Tools, Social Media Program) – We have the leading next-gen mortgage platform built with our tech team.
  • We Build Your Social Media Platforms For You
  • Up to 100% Commission Programs
  • Leads! Citadel Mortgages takes pride in our marketing programs and offers our agents to take part in our next-gen lead platform( 
  • In House RESP Division
  • In House Insurance & Investment Division
  • In House Mortgage Investment Division
  • In House Debt & Credit Rebuild Division

We are all about you and your success; we invest in you as much as you invest in us! Join our team today!

Franchise or Partner With Your Brand, With Us Today!

Do not get trapped with long-term commitments or unfair monthly fees! Instead, take control of your business and get the tools and support you need for your business and team! Citadel Mortgages prides itself on being transparent and fair, with no need for outdated systems and websites and hidden fees or charges. Instead, we show you where all the money is – and allow you to access these revenue options that others may keep for themselves.

Our Partnered Brokerages Receive:

  • Market Leading Software and Marketing Software ( Built from our tech team)
  • Market Leading Client Loyalty Programs
  • Tools & Resources
  • No Hidden Fees or Hold Backs
  • Transparent Information
  • Lender Access
  • In House RESP Division
  • In House Insurance & Investment Division
  • In House Mortgage Investment Division
  • In House Debt & Credit Rebuild Division

Join Our Model Today And Allow Us to Increase Your Business Growth Today!

Your Coaching Jounrey - Citadel Mortgages

We at Citadel Mortgages are proud to support our agent’s growth. We empower an education platform that allows our agents to succeed in their business and, more importantly, their self-growth. Citadel Mortgages was created to fill the gap in the industry for both experienced and new agents alike. Far too many agents are with brokerages that offer limited or no support or education, and many times agents are left to figure it out or sink or swim in this business. We have always felt that model is unsuitable for any agent brokerage or lender partner, so we took it upon ourselves to do better for the industry and ensure our company culture has the best-in-class resources and tools.


As we grow ourselves and our business, we sometimes need a mentor, support beam, or a coach that can take us to that next level. There is only so much we can do for ourselves, and sometimes that extra insight, push, feedback, and support can be the main difference in our growth as a person and business. Your Coaching Journey was built to offer this mentorship, coaching, and mindset for growth by providing real strategic lifelong partners with a proven track record of success with themselves but also helping others achieve their goals. Each mentor/coach has their area of strength and will offer different views and input. These partners are trusted, experienced, and respected by their peers in the fields they attend and will undoubtedly add real value and support to yourself and your business if you choose to do so. 




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