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Citadel Mortgages Is Proud To Announce The Currency Exchange and Money Transfers program

Currency Money Transfer 

Our partner is OFX:

OFX is a global money transfer company that helps people and businesses thrive in our evolving and fastmoving
world. We are on a mission to lead the age of borderless money, with a streamlined digital experience,
personal expert service, and excellent exchange rates so our customers can transact across borders when, where
and how they want. We empower our customers to live and work globally with confidence, 24/7.

In terms of benefits by using our partner service:

  • No OFX fees on any transfers
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer service
  • Preferential rates
  • Ability to transfer to 197 countries
  • Access to our toll-free live support and our online por
Citadel Mortgages - OFX - Currency Money Transfer


Who is OFX?

OFX launched in 1998, OFX has grown to be one of the world’s largest online
currency exchange companies. As a recognized expert, OFX offers seamless 24-hour
Access for consumers and businesses. OFX employs a blend of cutting edge technology
and superb customer service to bring a better deal to consumers and businesses alike.

  • Transferred over $150 billion dollars
    Delivers funds to over 190 countries
    80% transferred in 1 day
    Has 55 licenses globally
    Holds relationships with 16 of the world’s largest banks
    Offers 55 currencies (and counting)
    24/7 support – where you need it when you need it

See how easy converting money, and sending money overseas can be today! 

Use our currency converter and check out the latest exchange rates below!

Send money or exchange currency at low rates today!

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